What we mind matters literally

It is only when we believe in separation that separation will appear When be believe in communion communion appears When we believe in communication it appears All happens according to our beliefs that are materialized through our cells and their consciousness of mind-matter What we mind is what matters literally So stay in the feeling and belief of magic and love and it will unfold   Morning poem 3.10.2016   Read More

Power in the people

Imagine the day when all humans realize that we live our whole lives in our own consciousness. That we are consciousness and that all we know about the outside world comes to us through our senses. That every one of us is a universe of its own. A universe with so much beauty and deep mysteries to investigate. A gate to heaven or hell, as they both are states of being inside of us. Our own consciousness, a place so fascinating that traveling on the... Read More

I walked through the centuries

I walked through the centuries to be here right now for this rising of humanity   I’ve been killed and slaughtered I’ve been daughters and sons Mothers and fathers I’ve been rich and poor Big and small I’ve been all and now I am here   I walked through the centuries to be here right now for this rising of consciousness An awakening that is shaking all old forms and patterns A rising of consciousness that happens not... Read More

State of Being

Sometimes people ask me where I come from “You have been to so many different places you speak many languages But where do you REALLY come from? What is your origin?” Then I tell them: I come from the State of Being Have you heard of that? It is a really cool place A place where everything is okay, all right Reality is always accepted as it is Reality is all ways and not one way In the State of Being we live and die in every moment, with... Read More

I am Allis, all there is

I am Alice A wonderchild I wander with my feet And I wonder in my mind I wonder what I might find underneath this world Will it be an underworld Or a world of wonders? I am Allis I am all there is I am the wind in your hair And the smell in the air I am the water in the sea And the eye with which you see I drop into your consciousness When you stop being ruthless Then we swim together into a new river I drop into you when you stop seeing And start... Read More

Gods living home

God They gave you so many names Maybe I should talk to you in silence? In my heart and consciousness God They built so many buildings for you But you prefer being in your own creation, don’t you? In the ground The air The fire And the water In all animals, bugs and two-legged creatures God I got to go now I’ll see you in the forest! and in every breath   Original in Swedish March 2014   Read More