Sometimes I think I want to go to Hollywood walk on that red carpet and kiss my Oscar   But if I really had to choose I would rather let loose in the Holywood a place beyond all should Holywood where every human being is free stretching up just like a tree into the sun playing having fun Branching out into the world or so I’ve heard that there is space for all both big and small You see In Holywood we don’t fire people we fire wood with... Read More

Gods living home

God They gave you so many names Maybe I should talk to you in silence? In my heart and consciousness God They built so many buildings for you But you prefer being in your own creation, don’t you? In the ground The air The fire And the water In all animals, bugs and two-legged creatures God I got to go now I’ll see you in the forest! and in every breath   Original in Swedish March 2014   Read More

In piece I come

In piece I come in pieces I will go Scattered all over the world nothing is my own all is mine You see? or maybe you only feel in peace I come in pieces I will brake loose now loose now no more warfare mo more fair yes no more warfare there are no fair wars Shake me til I brake branch by branch piece by piece into and out of pieces I brake loose now fall down fallen down freedom doesn’t hurt only for those trapped (hence the structures) Loose... Read More