In piece I come

In piece I come in pieces I will go Scattered all over the world nothing is my own all is mine You see? or maybe you only feel in peace I come in pieces I will brake loose now loose now no more warfare mo more fair yes no more warfare there are no fair wars Shake me til I brake branch by branch piece by piece into and out of pieces I brake loose now fall down fallen down freedom doesn’t hurt only for those trapped (hence the structures) Loose... Read More

A whole life of pieces

I want to have a whole life Not just a hole But a whole life If I only have a hole It will be very empty No, I want to have a whole life Not a half I have quite many pieces so I think if I can get them all together if will make a whole life Many pieces to fit together though I have tried some not so good glue sometimes And Karlssons klister is only for the physical world I need glue for the mental and emotional world Though too hard glue for the internal... Read More