I am a life impressionist and expressionist – Ruth Alice – I was awarded Sweden’s Best Improvisation Poet 2014. Through words, theatre, dance and song I have a considerable curiosity for what the wonderworld of life and art is really about. Are we here to know the living of art or the art of living – or are they the same?

With meditation I move through dimensions and Alice whispers in my ear from a golden world moving our way. I am a fulltime employee at Human Inc. living in the State of Being where I work as a stage poet/artist/performer and creative pedagogue, also playing the roles of dancer, sister, daughter, friend, lover, bicyclist, vipassana meditator, citizen and more. I am a Nordic hybrid, mermaid from the Baltic Sea, constantly on the move, inside or outside. Can’t keep my feet or mouth still at the same time, something is always moving.

I support a sustainable earth and I am member of the network Artister för miljön – Artists for the environment.

Here some of my English poems, texts and videos are published. If you have heard something that you don’t find here, please contact me!

A whole life of pieces

Every moment carries a lifetime

I gotta write

I walked through the centuries

In piece I come

Human Inc.

My true self

Parking Lot

Pimp my city

Power in the people


State of Being

Vaga Bond


VIDEOS – art, humour, talk

My first truly professional art video is finally here – my statement that I want to live with the Earth, infact marry it! Thanks to photographer Alexander Kenney, dancer Maria Lindell, composer Therese Larsson for the music and  Vivi Lundström at Brightlight Music for the sound recordings. Recorded summer 2014 in beautiful Swedish nature at Omberg with fantastic co-creators. Let us live in harmony with this magical planet!

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