Being in nature, angel praying



Every time I say your name I rape you

I will never ever be able to tell you how much I love you

How much I cherish you without stepping on you

Ignoring you

I can never talk about you glory to other people

without covering you

hiding you


I want to give you away to all the people in the world

who have too much buzz in their ears and minds

But I never will

I can just come close

And if they dare to stop

Then maybe we can meet

And you yourself will present yourself to them

They will let you in

I see how you sneak through the doors of surprise

Through those open mouths you show up

And smile at their gaze

In their gaze


What is your relation to love?

Some hide hate in you

Some drown their souls in you

They plague you

or themselves with the dark side of you

They drag out their dark pieces in you, from you

Under your cover

Their becomes snakes

Changing skin in your embrace

Your silent embrace

And some find their souls in you

They dig out the buried laughter

From your silent soil

The soul resting in the soil

I love words

We shake our mental worlds with them

But I wanna play them right

From the inside out

It makes it much more integrated

Some true

In silence you can only be with yourself

Exhausting enough

But everything else

Every tree

Every light

Every resting place

And warm embrace

And yes even those hard kept lips

Who fight their own battle

Even they will support you


How we have suppressed each other in your name

Silence in the hall

Silence in the fall

The first thing we do when we are born is to cry

Cry out


trying to voice

trying to voice ourselves

Because Silence

You are our mother


Written March 2013

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