I am on my way, I am my way

Lyrics for performance song I am on my way I am my way I am all ways I am on my way I am my way I am always   I might trip and fall like I did when I was small but I will rise again And I might close my eyes get caught up in lies but I will open them again   Cause I am on my way I am my way I am all ways I am on my way I am my way I am always And I will see through you even when you are blue I will see your lightAnd I will see through... Read More

Every moment carries a lifetime

Every cherry that blossoms carries the radiance of the world Every sun that shines the radiance of the universe Every drop has the ocean within every cloud brings the sky Every heart has the answer to Why? Every letter carries thousands of stories Every brick carries a home Every seed a meal Every step carries all dances Every lip all kisses in the world Every darkness gives meaning to light Every arm carries the end of fight Every smile carries friendship... Read More

I am Allis, all there is

I am Alice A wonderchild I wander with my feet And I wonder in my mind I wonder what I might find underneath this world Will it be an underworld Or a world of wonders? I am Allis I am all there is I am the wind in your hair And the smell in the air I am the water in the sea And the eye with which you see I drop into your consciousness When you stop being ruthless Then we swim together into a new river I drop into you when you stop seeing And start... Read More

Gods living home

God They gave you so many names Maybe I should talk to you in silence? In my heart and consciousness God They built so many buildings for you But you prefer being in your own creation, don’t you? In the ground The air The fire And the water In all animals, bugs and two-legged creatures God I got to go now I’ll see you in the forest! and in every breath   Original in Swedish March 2014   Read More

In piece I come

In piece I come in pieces I will go Scattered all over the world nothing is my own all is mine You see? or maybe you only feel in peace I come in pieces I will brake loose now loose now no more warfare mo more fair yes no more warfare there are no fair wars Shake me til I brake branch by branch piece by piece into and out of pieces I brake loose now fall down fallen down freedom doesn’t hurt only for those trapped (hence the structures) Loose... Read More


  Silence Every time I say your name I rape you I will never ever be able to tell you how much I love you How much I cherish you without stepping on you Ignoring you I can never talk about you glory to other people without covering you hiding you Silence I want to give you away to all the people in the world who have too much buzz in their ears and minds But I never will I can just come close And if they dare to stop Then maybe we can meet And... Read More

A whole life of pieces

I want to have a whole life Not just a hole But a whole life If I only have a hole It will be very empty No, I want to have a whole life Not a half I have quite many pieces so I think if I can get them all together if will make a whole life Many pieces to fit together though I have tried some not so good glue sometimes And Karlssons klister is only for the physical world I need glue for the mental and emotional world Though too hard glue for the internal... Read More

Poem Parking lot

I’m a lot I’m a daughter, a sister, a friend, a colleague, a student, a lover, a customer, a pedestrian, a bicyclist, a car driver, a dancer, a bus user, a street abuser, a facebook friend and I’m here and now not there and then I’m parked here, in this now people come and pass by some in a rush some with time some see me notice me some give me money, a coin or two some don’t notice me at all some spit at me, on me YOU LOT! they say yes... Read More