A whole life of pieces

I want to have a whole life

Not just a hole

But a whole life

If I only have a hole

It will be very empty

No, I want to have a whole life

Not a half

I have quite many pieces so I think if I can get them all together if will make a whole life

Many pieces to fit together though

I have tried some not so good glue sometimes

And Karlssons klister is only for the physical world

I need glue for the mental and emotional world

Though too hard glue for the internal world isn’t good either

Then you put something up on your wall and you can never take it down again

It is stuck, seemingly forever

And when you take something down

It makes a big mark on the wall

Mental glue can be dangerous

And the pieces on the mind get dusty

Cause you can’t get them down for cleaning


Nowadays I am very careful with what I put up on the wall

My mental wall

Cause maybe it will be out of date already tomorrow

Such a waste of glue and wall and time!

Trying to decide over the pieces

Instead of letting the pieces find their own place

And create a whole

A whole life

If I don’t try to decide for the pieces

How to be

Then the can move around

And the puzzle will not be fixed

But flexible and multi dimensional

The picture of my puzzle can change

Every day

And so I will never be bored with what I see

When I look at my whole life


It sounds good

Let’s do it!


March 2014


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