A dish of peace and love

My greatest wish is to serve you a dish so sweet it makes you move your feet with your own heart beat so you can meet everything and everyone in life with grace moving in your own divine pace finding your own place   My wish is to serve you a dish so sweet it brings you to meet everything inside with ease and peace connecting you with you spine that divine line that runs through all the way home to you saying “All is fine all is mine” Going... Read More

Säker längtan

  Jag drömmer och längtar så ofta   När jag får det jag vill ha tar det ett tag att hinna ikapp mig   Vågar jag sluta längta? undrar jag   Tänk om det jag drömt om försvinner igen?   Det tar tid att släcka och återtända en längtan Lika bra att jag fortsätter längta Bara för att vara på den säkra sidan   Skriven maj 2014  Read More

A whole life of pieces

I want to have a whole life Not just a hole But a whole life If I only have a hole It will be very empty No, I want to have a whole life Not a half I have quite many pieces so I think if I can get them all together if will make a whole life Many pieces to fit together though I have tried some not so good glue sometimes And Karlssons klister is only for the physical world I need glue for the mental and emotional world Though too hard glue for the internal... Read More