A dish of peace and love

My greatest wish

is to serve you a dish

so sweet

it makes you move your feet

with your own heart beat

so you can meet everything and everyone in life with grace

moving in your own divine pace

finding your own place


My wish is to serve you a dish

so sweet

it brings you to meet

everything inside with ease and peace

connecting you with you spine

that divine line that runs through

all the way home to you

saying “All is fine

all is mine”

Going shining and mining inside

finding the inner treasures

for they are the measures

by which we came to live and give

A pleasure that inner treasure

a gift

a shift

a lift to a higher dimension

where the tension

gets attention

gets its pension

and can relax

pays the tax to God

and surrender into unity with all that is

A bliss to kiss every moment

with love and acceptance

Both pain and pleasure

can be a treasure of growth

when watched with love


Day poem 25.11.2018 


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