My true self

I felt lonely one day

And started to look for my real self

My inner core

But it ran away from me every time

It left photo albums in its wake

Old memories

Sensory creations

Kneaded from self righteousness

I continued

My inner core played theatre and hide-and-seek with me

It said it could play all the roles

I gave it

Director! It shouted

Like echoes vibrating all over my body

I looked for my I

But found my we

Thousand and one cores

They were radiating like stars

And only asked to be included/join in

They were plants ready for all soils

I looked for my real self

But it only ran away from me

And asked who I the seeker was

Asked, who I was, seeking

Someone sought

I thought it was I

But maybe it was we

Written 2010 in Swedish – translated 2012

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