Wisdom tree in Skåne

Sometimes I think I want to go to Hollywood

walk on that red carpet

and kiss my Oscar


But if I really had to choose

I would rather let loose

in the Holywood

a place beyond all should


where every human being is free

stretching up just like a tree

into the sun

playing having fun

Branching out into the world

or so I’ve heard

that there is space for all

both big and small

You see

In Holywood we don’t fire people

we fire wood

with magical sparks

we gather around fire

we hire light

or maybe the light highers us?


In Holywood no one is too young or too old

cause it is a new story that is told

or rather hold in our hands

unfolding within us through us

A story of glory of a Golden age across all humanity


In Holywood we go nuts

and fruit

and sprout beyond all doubting

Cultivating life

cause culture is what we cultivate

so we check out our seeds

and where we plant them


In Holywood we like to feel our roots

so sometimes we leave the boots

and walk bare feet

cause we know that the earth can bare feet

and what wonders do we meet

when we move bare feet!

And feel this earth

that gave us this magical birth

We dance, sing and play

on the green carpet

cause we feel that the grass is greener

where we play on it




finding all our inner treasures

cause they are the measures

by which we live and give

in Holywood

all moving in our own pace and grace


In Holywood we realise

It is all one big play

And we all have a role to play in the whole

and that is the goal of our soul

We are all actors upon the stage of life

and so we stay tuned in with the heart

the place of being truly smart


In Holywood we have no script writer

or story fighter

someone telling us what to do and how and when

We all got the script in our own spine

connecting us all up in a devine line

between earth and sky

and so there’s no need anymore to ask Why?




things happen by themselves

We are really action movers

and dream groovers

But we can’t act all the time

we need to rest too

Truly I am not an actor

I am an actrest

cause I act and rest – actrest

Infact that’s how most people do in Holywood

Without resting properly we cannot act

we will just react

being reactors giving out negative vibrations

No, the world has seen enough of that!

Let’s take or rest


let the rest take us!


In Holywood

We play at the sunset

or places not yet set



we dive into Holy water

like daughters and sons

mermaids and glittering puns

We drop so we cannot stop

we stream and dream into Golden light

In Holywood all is a scene

an open spot…light!

there are spotlights everywhere

in the skies

and disguise

in the eyes

the real eyes


You see

in Holywood we don’t look at movie stars

we look at moving stars

cause they show us how we can all shine

even when there is no spotlight on us



In Holywood we all talk and sing from our hearts

together or alone

but no one is a loan

cause all in life is seen as a gift

a powershift

a present in our hands



a place beyond all should

where every human being is free

stretching up just like a tree

into the sun

playing having fun


So, where is Holywood?

Well, I will be waiting for you in the forest

for it is

for rest!


Played out in letters September 2015 

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