A dish of peace and love

My greatest wish is to serve you a dish so sweet it makes you move your feet with your own heart beat so you can meet everything and everyone in life with grace moving in your own divine pace finding your own place   My wish is to serve you a dish so sweet it brings you to meet everything inside with ease and peace connecting you with you spine that divine line that runs through all the way home to you saying “All is fine all is mine” Going... Read More


Sometimes I think I want to go to Hollywood walk on that red carpet and kiss my Oscar   But if I really had to choose I would rather let loose in the Holywood a place beyond all should Holywood where every human being is free stretching up just like a tree into the sun playing having fun Branching out into the world or so I’ve heard that there is space for all both big and small You see In Holywood we don’t fire people we fire wood with... Read More

Videos: Fria (till) Jorden & Proposal to Earth

Min första professionella diktvideo är äntligen här. Tack till magiska fotografen Alexander Kenney, dansare Maria Lindell, kompositör Therese Larsson för musiken och ljudtekniker Vivi Lundström på Brightlight Music för ljudinspelningarna. Inspelad sommaren 2014 i Ombergs vackra natur i Östergötland. Låt oss leva i harmoni med denna magiska planet! JAG VILL LEVA MED DIG – FRIA (TILL) JORDEN   My first truely professional art... Read More