State of Being

Sometimes people ask me where I come from

“You have been to so many different places

you speak many languages

But where do you REALLY come from?

What is your origin?”

Then I tell them:

I come from the State of Being

Have you heard of that?

It is a really cool place

A place where everything is okay, all right

Reality is always accepted as it is

Reality is all ways and not one way

In the State of Being we live and die in every moment, with every breath

and everyone who breathes fully enough is a new born

and so we celebrate every day as a birthday

In the State of Being we have no passport controls

we check heart beats and presence

I believe you are in

In the State of Being we don’t force things

powershifts happen by themselves

it is our radiation as humans that change the world

we listen to the frequencies we like and we tune in and up and multiply them

And so in the State of Being

there is space for many different kinds of seeing

There is the State of meeing

and the State of weing

in fact there are so many different states of being that it is like

United States of Being

there is the state of being curious and the state of being afraid

state of being sad, mad and glad

state of being hungry, horny, tired and state of daring, caring and sharing

state of being in denial and the state of being happy

state of being confused and state of being clear

state of fear and state of love

above all there is the state of being present

a state which transcends many of the other states of being

And sometimes you are in one State of being and you see someone in another State of being

and you feel like beeing there with them

so you start travelling to get there

working hard to get to their state of being

and on the way you pass other states of being

which appear to be interesting so you linger on for a while or two

and so the journeys in the United States of Being are always changing

there are few decided roads

instead loads of high experiences of all kind

kind of human

however sometimes I go onto journeys and run ahead of myself

I step into thoughts and feelings on defined highways

I put on the automatic gear

and crash into paralyzed versions of myself

Then I need to feel my roots again

In the State of Being we are aware of that what matters is what we mind

and that what we mind is what matters

it is the vibrations we put out and transmit that is our soundtrack

and we want it to be sound – right?

and so the most common song in the United States of Being – hymn you can call it – is the heartbeat with all its vibrations

you cannot buy it on a record

you need to play it yourself

then you can go anywhere in the world


Written January 2015 with modifications during the year 

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