I am Allis, all there is

I am Alice A wonderchild I wander with my feet And I wonder in my mind I wonder what I might find underneath this world Will it be an underworld Or a world of wonders? I am Allis I am all there is I am the wind in your hair And the smell in the air I am the water in the sea And the eye with which you see I drop into your consciousness When you stop being ruthless Then we swim together into a new river I drop into you when you stop seeing And start... Read More

Pimp my city

We pimp our houses, our cars, our kitchens tear down one wall put it up again tear down another wall   What about pimping my city? What about pimping our city? Filling it with colors in unexpected places new forms and shapes tearing down one wall building up a jungle of plants somewhere else let the words spread from the sheet of paper to the wall Filling it with colors and playground light where darkness prevails What about pimping our city?   And... Read More