I am Allis, all there is

I am Alice

A wonderchild

I wander with my feet

And I wonder in my mind

I wonder what I might find

underneath this world

Will it be an underworld

Or a world of wonders?

I am Allis

I am all there is

I am the wind in your hair

And the smell in the air

I am the water in the sea

And the eye with which you see

I drop into your consciousness

When you stop being ruthless

Then we swim together into a new river

I drop into you when you stop seeing

And start feeling too

the tide and time to redirect

The waves of this society

Playing the tunes of tomorrow

I am a river that runs through you

You sea?

I shiver within you

Current-ly overwhelming

By the magnitude of the ocean within

I wish we will meet one day in peace

Piece by piece

Side by side

I am the earth that gave you this birth

And I am the seed that is waiting for you to feed it

With all you have in your heart

All that is

All is

I am Alice

A wonderchild

I wonder across the world

And in circles too

I mirror every step you take

And send it back to make

Over and over again until

You stop stepping on things

Plants, animals, humans, ecosystems

And start dancing with them too

I am Alice

A frozen berry in your fridge

A vision of the other side of the bridge

I am the speed with no limit

I am all the ice in the world

I am all the ice in your drink

that wants to keep you cool

I am melting for you

You are my sun and I am your daughter

And I melt for you

I am Alice

I am the wind in your hair

And the smell in the air

I am the water in the sea

And the eye with which you see

I am everywhere and without limit

I am renewable energy

And I am your mirror

I look


The moment when you will see that

I am renewable energy

And you are my mirror

Can we shake this world together into order?

Can we shiver into windmills

across beautiful hills?

Can we tan into solar panels

and realize we are extraordinary mammals?

Can we run into streams of water

like transparent sons and daughters?

When dare we show

That we are all renewable energy?

Carrying the care of life within us

But yes

you are right

I love oil!

On my salad

And that is where it fits

I will offer you my best meal

When humanity has stopped producing anything

we cannot survive by putting it into our mouths

Cause I am Alice

I am the birds covered in oil spill

And the polar bears whose homes are melting

I am the fish that is extinguished

And the forests that are being devastated

I am your children and grand children whose lives become question marks

I am the pollution in the ears and eyes of leaders who don’t dare to face the reality of themselves in the mirror

And I am the silence waiting by the oil pumps

When the righteous day has come

Free the fossils from our disturbance of their million-year-old sleep

For oil, gas and coal is not a sleeping Beauty that should be woken up


You want energy?

Catch me in the wind instead

Swim with me into a purer ocean

Tan with me under the heat of the sun

All is there

Just open your eyes

And heart


All is


I wonder when the world outside my eyes will be as beautiful as the one I have on the inside

And I take my feet and wonder when we will meet

I wander across the world

And see mirrors everywhere

Pieces of a broken humanity that is so much looking for

the moment when we will all fit together again

The whole puzzle

Pieces of a human vase

Broken across continents

And we all search for the right piece

Where we can play our good roles

The peace we fit into

Cause no one fits into war

We all fit into pieces


And peace by peace we reach it

You piece

I piece

You in peace

I in peace

One for all

And all for one

Like musketeers

Raising arms not to fight

But to light this world

Embracing every living being and molecule with our arms

I wish you could feel me!

In every cell of you
I am the iceberg you are melting now

in your chest

Let me watch you dance through life

I am Alice

all ice in your chest that wants to melt for you

Felt that beneath that breast of sturdy ice

Lies a treasury of advice

Of how to live on earth in light and glory

Cause it is time humanity

For another kind of story

Melt the ice inside you

Instead of outside

Poor the oil into your mouth

Not into the sea

Let us set out

There is no doubt

Just about


Just about



The waves are coming

Let’s ride on them

Let’s renew me and you

And the whole world too!


Written March 2015, Letters sent out on a Greenpeace ship working for an oil free North Atlantic with beautiful icebergs

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