Power in the people

Imagine the day when all humans realize that we live our whole lives in our own consciousness. That we are consciousness and that all we know about the outside world comes to us through our senses. That every one of us is a universe of its own. A universe with so much beauty and deep mysteries to investigate. A gate to heaven or hell, as they both are states of being inside of us. Our own consciousness, a place so fascinating that traveling on the outside – walking on the street or driving a car – will seem boring in comparison. Imagine that day when all humans realize that life is a inside experience of consciousness, mirrored by the outside.

That day there will be no more fights or wars, because we all realize that first we have to start a fight in our own mind before we share it with others, and nobody really wants to do that. Harmony seems like a better option.

The lies and corruption of society and mind will also stop that day, since we, when we have the choice, rather live in truth which makes life easier, happier and more smooth. After all, there is a reason why we call some things truth – there is a wisdom there that we can dive into through the inside. When we realize that all other people tell us is their stories, but not our own experience, then we will focus more on what we are experiencing, and give less importance to stories we are told about humans or the world.

To be a lie detector will also be a popular hobby, helping others and oneself to detect the lies inside that block our consciousness from reaching its full potential.

Full potential yeah. The day when all humans realize life is a consciousness exploration, our main focus will be to release our barriers for living and loving totally and fully and reaching our full potential. All humans have unique gifts, to explore and share these gifts will be the main purpose for everyone, causing enormous curiosity and energy rising. Competition oriented mind will end, since it lives in the mind of comparison which is limited to the dual world view, that humans at this stage are transcending. Cooperation and sharing will be the guiding words for all humans, thereby giving space for much more co-creation and pluralistic and multidimensional stories and projects. By seeing someone standing in his or her full power, we feel inspired to develop our own skills, and if any jealousy still would appear, it comes from the place inside where we know that we too can be as strong and shining as they are, so we see it as an incentive to develop ourselves further.

Societies will change a lot and quickly, when humans realize we live our lives on the inside, just mirrored by the outside. The square boxes of houses, buildings and city planning that exist today will disappear with the transformation of consciousness and we will create more beautiful, smooth and energy harmonious surroundings for ourselves – living and playing spaces.

Oh yeah, we will play, not work, the wording for our actions will change. You see, when all humans wake up we will see that the purpose of life is joy, love and creation – not tiredness, dullness or weakness. Today billions of people go to a place called work just to get money to survive in the monetary system. They don’t like their work, they have very little power to decide over its form or norms and many jobs lack deeper heart incentives as to why engage in it. When we realize life is a consciousness matter for everyone of us, we will see that we don’t need to do these boring things anymore. We will get more energy and finally also more money, from doing the things we like. All humans wants to see other people shine so when we share what we really are passionate for, then that will attract people and also money to us. Yeah, as long as we will still bother about money, since it means giving away power to a financial system. Many people loose energy today from thinking about money daily. The higher our consciousness develop, we will realize that it is not money the rules or governs this world, it is the honey that pours out of us when we allow ourselves to be. This we all know today from families, friendship and love relations. What is truly precious and keep us alive is our inside honey, not money. So more and more people will start living from sharing gifts instead, transcending the layer of money in between.

And as the consciousness rises, the more we see we all have a unique life purpose – we all have a role to play in the whole – and that it is all a great devine play. And so earth will be a playground and not a working pit, cause when we play and do the things we like, we create much more than when we do meaningless detached work. So slowly or quickly the wordings and expressions will change, to fit with the rising consciousness. Phrases like ”we don’t have time” will become jokes from the past, since time is all we have, in fact we create the experience of time in our own consciousness. Or ”I don’t like you”, since we all see that others are mirrors of ourselves and trigg our own patterns, so instead of being angry we will we thankful for what others bring up in us, so we can feel it and grow beyond that limit, expand our consciousness.

With this transformation of humans and society, we will also start playing with how our consciousnesses are connected. Syncronicity – things happening at the same time, all in a flow – will rise the more intuned we are with our passion (so less planning is needed). And telepathy, to transmit thoughts and feelings without talking, will also increase. Or nonverbal communication, body language. All this will increase much more and cause a more curious and harmonious social society. The higher the level of consciousness, the more things will we be able to create and transform together. There will be very transformative and expanding energy play not taking place, but making space in great human gatherings before the end of this century, maybe sooner than we think. It all depends upon ourselves, as individuals. As the awakening starts in everyone of us. I cannot change you nor society by anything else than by changing me. I am the missing link, the tipping point, the spark of fire that I have been looking for. We are all that. We are the society, we are the world, we are the universe.

Last century people used to shout ”Power to the people!”. This century we will sing ”Power in the people”, calling not for revolution, but for the kind evolution of ourselves, humbly realizing we all are our model of what humanity can be like. And so we look deeply into the  core of ourselves, what do we really want in our hearts, how can we share this frequency of excitement and joy with others?

Fear will pull us down when we start to rise. But the wish to rise and live our own lives, will be greater. We were born with a curiosity to investigate the mysteries of life and love, otherwise we could not have started to move our limbs, open our eyes, search for mums breast and utter funny sounds. In the eyes of a baby we see the open connection to universe that they have within. We all have the possibility to be so connected, so sensitive, intuitive, loving, direct and open again. When we allow ourselves to embarque on this journey, our lives will never be the same again. And together we transform the whole earth – all with equal power to do it and live in our blossoming. The power in and of the world, is inside all of us.

Written 27.4.2016 by Ruth Alice

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