The honey that creates our world

Some people think it is money that rules this world Men and money In fact it is the honey that pours out of all of us when we allow ourselves to be be who we truly are in our hearts in our core The love that carries this world knows no borders it has no name and doesn’t care for fame, shame or blame its only aim is to live and give   Money is an invention of love it is a current of energy like everything else in the world it wants to flow it... Read More

I am on my way, I am my way

Lyrics for performance song I am on my way I am my way I am all ways I am on my way I am my way I am always   I might trip and fall like I did when I was small but I will rise again And I might close my eyes get caught up in lies but I will open them again   Cause I am on my way I am my way I am all ways I am on my way I am my way I am always And I will see through you even when you are blue I will see your lightAnd I will see through... Read More

Human Inc.

I can only offer you my company As a poet I gave it a name It is called Human Inc. Would you like to share my company? Beautiful – now we are two! If everyone in the world joined our company would be great Human incorporated could be the greatest multinational corporation in the world Imagine that! Now before sharing company let’s please make sure we take care of our own company first If we don’t do that, we might have to sell our... Read More