Tillhöra nuet

Det största vi kan göra är att tillhöra nuet endast här kan vi tillföra gåvor till livet och ta klivet till nästa nu mystiskt kallat framtid   Dagsdikt 26.3.2016 publicerad 30.3.2016  Read More

Human Inc.

I can only offer you my company As a poet I gave it a name It is called Human Inc. Would you like to share my company? Beautiful – now we are two! If everyone in the world joined our company would be great Human incorporated could be the greatest multinational corporation in the world Imagine that! Now before sharing company let’s please make sure we take care of our own company first If we don’t do that, we might have to sell our... Read More

Every moment carries a lifetime

Every cherry that blossoms carries the radiance of the world Every sun that shines the radiance of the universe Every drop has the ocean within every cloud brings the sky Every heart has the answer to Why? Every letter carries thousands of stories Every brick carries a home Every seed a meal Every step carries all dances Every lip all kisses in the world Every darkness gives meaning to light Every arm carries the end of fight Every smile carries friendship... Read More