Human Inc.

I can only offer you my company

As a poet I gave it a name

It is called Human Inc.

Would you like to share my company?

Beautiful – now we are two!

If everyone in the world joined our company would be great

Human incorporated could be the greatest multinational corporation in the world

Imagine that!

Now before sharing company let’s please make sure we take care of our own company first

If we don’t do that, we might have to sell our company

“You! I see, you are stressed! What about buying some three hours, or three weeks from me? Then you won’t be so weak. Best offer of the week! You need my time!”

No, I rather share than sell my company

so I got to make sure it is in good hands

and good feet

Fellows! Time to care for our own company

So straighten up your spine

your spine came here to carry you and not the other way around

And put your feet on the ground

cause sometimes lightening strikes from above or from someone close to us

and then we need to be grounded so our powerplant doesn’t go down

You see

At Human Inc. we like to think that we are free

but we like to feel it even more

That is why we sink into our bodies

Mind our bodies and embody our minds

Feeling that our bodies are our best buddies

This physical dome is my home

When we realise and embody this

then we are really ready to share company

So what are we up to at Human Inc?

What is our business?

Well at Human Inc. we like to serve humanity

not on a plate

more like a fate

feeling we have been served so many other things for so long

anger fear jealousy greed

not exactly what we need


At Human inc. we serve humanity in any way we can

might it be an open eye

a smile hug food shelter song dance honey money massage or love and attention

We serve humanity in the best way we can

And at Human Inc. we realise all stages of life are equally important

the big and the small ones

and at some stages of life you are in the spotlight

in others you spot light somewhere

and at some stages of life you cannot even spot light

then we need to be light

I wish I could take away all the heavy things that prevent people from dancing!

I wish for a light humanity!

And I do spot light everywhere I go and show up

sparks everywhere

Human Inc. will be the lightest company in the world I think

No boss

Cause at Human Inc. we don’t really know who is in charge

So we don’t charge

How can we charge when we don’t know who’s in charge?

At Human Inc. we believe in gifts instead

and presents

Knowing that every time we are present then we are presents in this world

then we are gifts

and true powershifts

and then our company is always changing

becoming lighter and brighter

constantly moving

Thank you for sharing my company now

May you take your version of Human Inc. to share your company in the best possible way with the world


A poem that was written through me in May 2014 after one whole day of meditation and silence

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