The honey that creates our world

Some people think it is money that rules this world

Men and money

In fact it is the honey that pours out of all of us when we allow ourselves to be

be who we truly are

in our hearts

in our core

The love that carries this world knows no borders

it has no name

and doesn’t care for fame, shame or blame

its only aim is to live and give


Money is an invention of love

it is a current of energy

like everything else in the world

it wants to flow

it is a current of energy amongst many

and the love in your heart is worth more than every penny of this world

For love is not an invention

it is the inventor of the rest

I am love

you are love

our bodies are love

our teeth, bones, flesh, skin and hair

this stage and equipment is love

language and sounds are love

the air is love

the earth is love

the rain is love

the pain is love

all is love meeting itself in billions of different forms


And the more we allow our internal honey to flood out

then there is no doubt

about the power of love

And how it can allow all humanity to flower

in its own power

all unique together

a celebration we cannot imagine yet

but shining as brightly as the sunset


Written July 2016



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