Song Happy Rebirthday

Happy Rebirthday Happy Rebirthday Happy Rebirthday Time to play Play my role in the whole that’s the goal of my soul Play every day that is all that I may   Happy Rebirthday Happy Earth day Rebirth of this earth We’ll have a rebirth rebirth on this earth when we play when we play play every day I say   Song from November 2016   Read More

My true self

I felt lonely one day And started to look for my real self My inner core But it ran away from me every time It left photo albums in its wake Old memories Sensory creations Kneaded from self righteousness I continued My inner core played theatre and hide-and-seek with me It said it could play all the roles I gave it Director! It shouted Like echoes vibrating all over my body I looked for my I But found my we Thousand and one cores They were radiating... Read More